Best Canister Vacuum For Pet Hairs And Hardwood Floors

Pet on Hardwood FloorThe advancement of technology has led to the development of many types of vacuum cleaners.

In order to obtain optimum cleaning results, you need to choose the best vacuum for pet hair online that’s also gentle enough so it won’t damage your hardwood.

One of the best brands of canister vacuums in the world is Miele. Miele vacuums are engineered for efficiency and long life.

The best canister vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors is the Miele S2121Canister Vacuum Cleaner. It has numerous advantageous features as discussed below:

The Miele Capri S2121

Some of the outstanding features of the Miele S2121 are:

1) This canister vacuum weighs 11 pounds thereby providing superior user convenience. Its lightweight makes it easy for movement from room to room during cleaning process in the house. It also has a carrying handle that enables easy movement of the vacuum up and down staircases.

2) These vacuum cleaners have sound insulation layers. This makes them extremely quiet as compared to most canister vacuum cleaners.

3) The Miele Capri 2121 has an air clean system that ensures that dust and dirt are kept inside the bag. The dust bag has a nine-stage filtration system that filters the air and self-sealing collars that prevent dirt from leaking out. The exclusive AirClean system also uses electronically charged filter dust bags to assist in trapping dirt and dust. This feature makes this vacuum an ideal choice if you are allergic to dust.

4) The vacuum enables you control the suction to your requirement. This is done via a rotary dial with six variable power setting. This feature becomes handy when you are moving from a hardwood floor surface to a carpet.

5) This vacuum has strong suction that enables suction of pet hairs from carpets, floors and car seats.

6) It has amazing floor tools that make it even more suitable for household use.
The Turbobrush (STB205)- It has an air driven rotating roller brush that helps in loosening dirt, dust, pet hair and lint from low pile rugs and carpets. The Parquet Floor Brush (SBB 3)- Has 2 soft rollers for a gliding action on surfaces. This ensures that hardwood floors, tiles and smooth surfaces are cleaned with care hence avoiding damage through scratching.

7) This vacuum has a bag full indicator that turns on incase the dust bag is full to inform you that you need to change the bag. These dust bags have a large capacity of 4.76 quart. This large capacity ensures that you will not need to change the bags frequently.

8) It has a 29.5 foot operating radius. You therefore will not have to move the machine a lot to clean corners and walls.

9) This vacuum cleaner is also engineered to safely shut off so as to prevent overheating.

10) It is fitted with all rubber wheels to ensure that your floor surfaces are not scratched during cleaning. The wheels are also capable of turning a whole 360 degrees during cleaning.


The Miele S2121 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal cleaner for home owners. They are designed to last for over 20 years. It offers good performance and efficiency making it a must have for those seeking to have quality at affordable price.